28 Mar

Marvel No. 35 of the year - - - 

Mrs. Ramz Youssef Eid, born in 1960 in Qaraqasha, married to Mr. Qozhaya Gabriel Abi Khalil, from Al-Fidar, and is a mother of four daughters. She resides in Al-Fidar, and the phone number is 03837670.

And as she tells about her health condition, which is attached to the medical reports: “I developed a painful symptom in the stomach, so I went to Dr. Bassam Bilan, who asked me to perform several tests, so I did them and went to him, but he contracted corona disease in June 2021, so I went to Dr. Emile Abu Habib, and he prescribed me 20 needles.

My stomach swelled and swelled until my penis swelled and became the size of a lemon and became very weak. I spent eight months of agony and went to more than eight doctors but did not benefit. Then I decided to visit the heavenly doctor, Saint Charbel, so I carried my pillow and my harami and said to my husband, "I am seeing him for the hermitage."

I reached it with difficulty because of the snow, so I knelt down crying and praying and asked for his intercession with the Lord Jesus Christ. I surrendered myself to him and said to him, “Child in me.” Then I took oak leaves, oil and incense from his shrine, and returned to my house. . My daughter took me to Dr. Frederick Adaimi, and when he saw me, he immediately diagnosed me with cancer and told me that you have cancer, which has spread to the stomach, colon, and ovary. The result was that the disease is in the fourth degree.

Then I went to the gynecologist Wadih Ghanmi, who said to me, "Why leave yourself alone?" He directed me to see Dr. Clemonos Matta, a cancer specialist, and she subjected me to chemotherapy. At the end of the treatment, Dr. Bashir Elias operated on me, as he told me that the operation is dangerous and takes 6 hours of time, so the operation was completed in three Hours, and he did not remove the intestines, because he found it clean, and he told me, “A divine hand was working with me.” I recovered from my illness through the intercession of Saint Charbel, so I went to him on March 22, 2023, and thanked him, and the miracle was recorded.


* لن يتم نشر هذا البريد الإلكتروني على الموقع.