26 Apr

The child Myriam Walid Obaid, born in 2011 in Mechmech Akkar and from the Sunni community, residing in Dar Bashtar Al-Koura and the phone number 81408760

As her mother tells about her daughter's health condition attached to the medical reports: 

"While I was bathing my daughter, I felt something abnormal in her stomach, so I admitted her to Rizk Hospital in Beirut, and it turned out after tests and pictures that my daughter had ovarian cancer, so he decided to have surgery to remove the ovary by Dr. George Beiruti

At this time, the medical secretary Carol Abs intervened, whose heart was tender on Miriam, who would be deprived of childbearing, so she handed her mother a throat containing Saint Charbel oil and a bag containing Saint Charbel incense and asked her to anoint Miriam's belly with oil and feed her an incense grain

So Saint Charbel intervened and facilitated the surgery, so instead of taking the operation 4 hours, it ended in half an hour 

Before Miriam left the hospital, she was photographed showing the reappearance of the ovary in her abdomen

Carol and I came with her mother and Miriam to thank Saint Charbel for his intercession and we recorded the miracle attached to the entire medical report and we recorded the miracle on April 24, 2023


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