27 Mar

Mrs. Remi Elias Boulos was born in Sarda in 1999 in Marjayoun district, qualified by Mr. Elie Jabbour from Marjayoun, and resides in Sarda and works as a soldier and the phone number is 70574538.

As she tells about her health condition attached to the medical report:

"On 1/3/2023, the pain began in the right kidney, and when the examinations were performed, it was found that the kidney was filled with flint stones, and on 3/5, I underwent surgery to remove the sto nes.

A week after the operation, the stones in the kidney increased and doctors feared a second operation because of my pregnancy and the seventh month, and my treatment was supervised by Dr. Ali Daher, a specialist in nephrology at Najda Hospital in Nabatieh, under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Taha. 

Two days after my discharge from Al-Najda Hospital, on 8/3/2023, the stones increased a lot until I started vomiting stones, as well as stones in the urine, and the amount of stones in my body is estimated at more than one hundred and fifty shares.

I called the doctors who care about my treatment, but they did not believe how the gravel comes out of my mouth during my vomiting and they cannot do anything because of my pregnancy, so I was transferred to the military hospital, and before I entered the hospital while I was sleeping in the ambulance, Saint Charbel appeared to me and told me: "Do not be afraid, the child is healthy and fine."

When I entered the hospital they asked me to do a blood and urine test and I entered the toilet accompanied by my mother and sister and I could not stand and when I sat on the chair appeared on me Saint Charbel and when I saw him I felt something strange in my lower abdomen and the gravel came down in the urine without pain or fire so Saint Charbel put his hand on my stomach and told me:

"The boy is fine and you are cured ."

When a blood and urine test was performed at Al-Rai Hospital in Saida with a picture of the kidneys, it was found that the stones had disappeared, and the child was in good condition and recovered, and my health was good through the intercession of Saint Charbel.

So I came with the family to thank him and recorded the miracle on 25/3/2023

Thank you, Saint Charbel, our patron saint with the Lord Je sus.


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