27 Mar

- The child Rahaf Thanar Shalimon, an Iraqi Chaldean, was born in Al-Qosh, Tel Kaif District, Mosul, in 2018. She lives with her parents in Al-Qosh. The phone number is 07511510685. Her mother's name is Sandy Samir Shaga. And as her grandmother tells about Rahaf’s health condition, which is attached to the medical reports: Rahaf was born in the eighth month, and her health condition is invalid due to a lack of oxygen and blood. At this time, her grandmother asked an Iraqi woman in Lebanon to send her a statue of Saint Charbel with blessed oil from his grave and a blessing 

When the wanted man arrived at the hospital, the doctors told the parents that the child Rahaf had passed away, so the grandmother entered the room of the dead child and placed the statue of Saint Charbel on Rahaf's chest and began crying and praying, asking Saint Charbel to intercede for the child with the Lord Jesus Christ and bring her back to life. Moments later, the child started screaming and came back to life. The doctors said that the child could suffer from a brain, vision, or hearing disability. Her grandmother anointed her with the oil and blessing of St. Charbel. She underwent examinations and photographs, and it became clear that her brain was healthy, as well as her vision. When she was four months old, it became clear that the child was deaf and did not hear. her ears. Before her grandmother went to sleep in the room of baby Rahaf, she anointed her ears with Saint Charbel's oil and prayed, asking for his intercession to restore her hearing.

At exactly three thirty in the morning, the grandmother heard the knocking of the door handle several times, then she saw the door of the room open as Saint Charbel entered and headed towards the grandmother. the door behind him.

In the morning, it turned out that Rahaf had heard her again, and she began to speak, so she was taken to Dr. Manhal Al-Banna, who specializes in ear, nose and throat surgery. After examining her, he wrote in his report that the child Rahaf does not suffer from any hearing problem. 

The parents brought the little girl from Iraq to thank Saint Charbel for his intercession and recorded the miracle on March 22, 2021.


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